How Osano 2.4xd leads and 11xd traffic in the privacy space

How Osano 2.4xd leads and 11xd traffic in the privacy space


Osano signed up to our SaaS Link Building service and we increased their monthly leads by 150% and their clicks by 1,000%, from non-branded organic search, in just 4 months.

150% Increase in 
organic leads
1,000% Increase in 
organic traffic


Osano secured a $5.4m Series A with the goal to deepen their position as the world’s leading data privacy platform, by doubling down on R&D and marketing.

Osano didn’t just want to increase demand for their product, but also rank for industry-relevant terms as part of their brand positioning objectives.

This posed a challenge, because the compliance space is highly competitive with government websites leading top search results for top terms such as GDPR, CCPA, and data privacy.


First, we built a model to understand the potential # monthly leads & traffic Osano could achieve through SEO based on their existing content. We coupled this with difficulty (# referring domains required), in order to create a prioritized list of efforts to create impact.

Second, we decided to take an intensive approach to our link building efforts by focusing on just two pages at a time. This was key, because the average keyword needs 100 backlinks to be competitive on page #1.

Third, we created topically relevant guest posts that we pitched to authoritative websites in the business niche.

Fourth, we built a CRO plan for Osano to implement, in order to significantly increase monthly #MQLs and therefore Opps for their Sales team.

Fifth, we did keyword research to find more opportunities in order to build out content to a) attract their ICP, and b) position their brand.


In just 4 months we were able to increase leads by 150% and 11x visitors from non-branded SEO.

We ranked on page #1 for highly competitive terms such as “privacy laws” , “CCPA”, “California Consumer Privacy Act”, and “GDPR compliance”.

We scored featured snippets for terms such as “data privacy”, helping Osano position themselves as leaders in the privacy space.

As a result Osano validated SEO as a key channel for both demand generation and brand positioning.

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